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Lean Library Futures – Integration with Adam Matthew

Reclaim the power of your library.

An ambitious new service bringing all of your library into your patrons’ workflows, whether they start on Google Scholar, PubMed, Wikipedia or beyond.

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Key Benefits

  • Streamline Access
  • Enhance Discoverability
  • Grow usage
  • Increase visibility and impact

Putting your favourite Adam Matthew resources in your patron’s workflow

Adam Matthew Digital is being integrated with the Lean Library Futures browser extension, available to customers soon. It enables you to embed relevant Adam Matthew content directly where your patrons are searching, on popular sites like Google, YouTube and Wikipedia. This enhances discoverability and promotes awareness of these resources, without the need for SEO, indexing or endless email campaigns.

Streamline access

Watch how Lean Library Futures works behind the scenes to streamline access – taking your patrons from Wikipedia to Adam Matthew Digital content in just one click.

The end result?

Increased usage of the resources you’ve invested in, and increased visibility and impact of the library on learning and discovery.

Driving usage across all your library’s holdings and services.

Publisher neutrality

Lean Library Futures works across all publisher platforms to streamline access for your patrons. Find out about how we stay publisher-neutral and about our partnerships with other library service providers.