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Your librarians have your back, we have theirs.

Lean Library provides services to libraries to help them support you, their patrons. We do this through a browser extension, which helps streamline access and unlock research content.

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Key Benefits

Unlock instant & legal access to millions of free academic papers

No library subscription needed.

Did you know that over a third of all academic papers have a free-to-read version available? Our free plug-in unlocks access instantly and legally to millions of these papers, saving you time and money.

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Streamline access to library subscribed resources

Library subscription required.

Lean Library works with subscribing libraries to integrate library resources with our browser extension, enabling us to streamline access to content whenever and wherever you need it, on laptop or mobile. This saves an average 3 minutes per search.

I love this extension. It improves my search for articles a thousand times. You have taken away a most hated hurdle in my life.
Undergraduate Student Utrecht University

Integrated with your favourite tools like Google Scholar and PubMed

Library subscription required.

Our technology integrates with the systems and web pages you and your patrons use most, like Google Scholar, PubMed and thousands more.

I wanted to say how much easier life has been when doing research with the roll out of the Library Access plug-in for web browsers.
Postgraduate Student School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, The University of Manchester

Get help from your library in your workflow

Library subscription required.

Lean Library gives your librarians the ability to add customisable messages into your research, learning or teaching workflow. Librarians use these messages to provide you with help and support, where and when you need it. Common examples include:

  • Autopopulation of Interlibrary Loan forms, so you can quickly order content through your library behind a paywall
  • Redirecting you to the right access page for sites like The New York Times, so you don’t inadvertently pay for content your library already has a subscription to
  • Embedding librarian chat tools so that you can quickly ask your librarian for help where and when you need it

…and much more!

By using the assist messages within Lean Library, we are also able to inform users of known issues with suppliers or websites, saving the user and library team time in answering questions before they are raised.
Andrew Cheney Evidence Services Lead, NHS Mersey Care