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Library Service Providers

We are open and collaborative with other library service providers.

We are excited to see the increased usage and access this Lean Library integration will offer our customers. It’s just the beginning of our partnership with Lean Library and we’ll be adding more integrations soon.
Slaven Zivkovic Founder & CEO, Springshare

‘The collaboration with Lean Library has been productive and exciting. We’d both spotted aspects of single sign-on that can be improved and working together, we’ve taken a step forward in creating a superior experience. We have removed the hoops and hurdles users sometimes need to jump through and over.’

Jon Bentley
Commercial Director, OpenAthens

‘Integrating with Lean Library is another example of CORE following the strategy of delivering services where users already are, rather than just asking users to come.’

Petr Knoth
Head of CORE and senior research fellow in text and data mining at the Open University


These are just some of the partners we integrate with.

Interested in partnering with us? Please email partnerships@leanlibrary.com

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