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LibGuides Integration

An integration with the Lean Library browser extension, deploying LibGuides on any relevant website or resource.

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Lean Library Access

A comprehensive solution offering your patrons quick and easy access to resources, on and off campus.

Drive Usage. Save Money. Promote your Library.


Key Benefits

Take LibGuides to the point of need, on any academic resource or website online

You spend hundreds of hours each year creating, maintaining and promoting LibGuides, but it can be an uphill struggle to drive patron awareness and usage, with your patrons often having to step outside their workflows to access this material. With Workflow for LibGuides you can deliver these materials at the point of need, on any academic resource or website online.

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Having invested so much time to  provide our patrons with library training materials, we want to see them used. With Lean Library delivering our LibGuides into our patrons’ workflow, we have seen usage for a LibGuide increase by 450%.
Jason Folkman Electronic Resources Librarian, Utah State University

…whilst putting your patrons in the driving seat

With Lean Library’s ‘Workflow Librarian’ you can make relevant LibGuides available to your patrons where and when they need it, in a discrete, minimizable sidebar they can trigger or ignore.

Streamlines access, increasing patron usage

Lean Library Access, which comes as part of the Workflow for LibGuides package, puts your library resources into the patrons’ workflow when they need them, on laptop or mobile, making them easily and quickly available. This saves your patrons an average 3 minutes per search and increases patron usage by up to 40%.

We need this tool because we as libraries are facing an important shift in types of access. There are now so many ways to access e-resources.
Jos Westerberke Library IT Specialist, Erasmus University Rotterdam

Unlocks access to free content, saving money

Did you know that over a third of all academic content is available as an Open Access version? As well as getting more usage and better value from the collections you invest in, Lean Library Access, which comes as part of the Workflow for LibGuides package, gives your patrons access to 30M+ open access papers, saving you an estimated £30k per year.

We recommend Lean Library over other OA [Open Access] browser plugins. Lean Library finds and delivers an OA version of the article or chapter if there is no subscription access.
University of Cambridge Official guidance

Promotes your library throughout your patron’s workflow

Lean Library Access, which comes as part of the Workflow for LibGuides package, embeds library branding in your patron’s workflow, showcasing the role of the library in supporting their discovery. You can also add customisable messages into your patron’s workflow via pop-ups, helping you communicate and raise awareness of your library.

By using the assist messages within Lean Library, we are also able to inform users of known issues with suppliers or websites, saving the user and library team time in answering questions before they are raised.
Andrew Cheney Evidence Services Lead, NHS Mersey Care

Seamlessly integrated with popular tools like Google Scholar and PubMed

Our technology integrates with the systems and web pages you and your patrons use most, like Google Scholar, PubMed and thousands more.

Lean Library has massively simplified the process of getting access to library licensed e-resources off-campus for users who bypass our discovery tool and go straight to vendor websites, or who find content in search engines.
Tim O’Neill Electronic Media Coordinator, The University of Manchester

The most comprehensive access solution on the market

Whilst other access solutions cut-out the library from your patron’s workflow, or offer lite solutions that only support some publishers or some content types, Lean Library Access, which comes as part of the Workflow for LibGuides package, is:

  • Available on all browser types and mobile
  • The only access solution to cover eBooks – up to 50% of your library’s digital holdings
  • Privacy-focused, offering complete user anonymity
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