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We understand it is important to roll out Lean Library quickly as you look to provide off-campus access for patrons during this time. It is possible to almost completely configure Lean Library in under a day.

This document describes what information we need to configure Lean Library in under an hour and have it ready to help your patrons get streamlined off-campus access to resources.

Our implementation consultants will help with every step in the configuration process. The configuration can be adjusted while the service is already running. So, if needed, there’s time for fine-tuning after rolling out.

Library Access Configuration

The parameters needed to configure Library Access depend on your authentication mechanism.

On-campus IP ranges

  • e.g. –


  • EZProxy login URL
  • Proxy config file (to import, for the eresource domains)

Open Athens

  • OA Entity ID
  • OA Scope
  • List of supported domains

Shibboleth (Lean Library redirector)

Shibboleth (your own redirector)

  • Redirector URL
  • List of supported domains

Google Scholar integration

  • Google Scholar ID

PubMed ID integration

  • Otool
  • Optional: Holding
  • Optional: Myncbishare

Library Alternatives Configuration

The parameters needed to configure Library Alternatives depend on your holding information.


  • ExLibris delivery domain
  • ExLibris institution code
  • Optional: campus code


  • SFX delivery domain + client code

SUMMON (please request from support)

  • API ID
  • API Key


  • Link Hash


  • Profile string
  • Profile password

OCLC Knowledge Base API

  • WSKey / API Key (has to be requested from OCLC, but we will help you with that)


  • TDnet API Key
  • Optional: TDNet Holdingset

None of the above

  • Kbart file export
  • Link resolver URL

In case your institution uses ILL/DDS, we would only need the base URL of your preferred order form

Library Assist

We recommend configuring the assist messages after the roll-out. The assist messages will have to be set up by you. Do not worry though, we will be happy to help you!

Whatever your patrons’ goals are, help them achieve them with Lean Library.

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